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Create Your Own Omelette


Don't see anything that suits you? Well let us build your omelette the way you want it. Starting with 3 eggs and as many items as you wish (be careful each item is $.99) and we will throw in the cheese.

(Optional) $$ Ingredients:Avocado +$0.99Bacon +$0.99Bell Pepper +$0.99Chicken +$0.99Chili +$0.99Chorizo +$0.99Ham +$0.99Jalepeno +$0.99Kielbasa +$0.99Mushroom +$0.99Olives +$0.99Onions +$0.99Sausage +$0.99Spinach +$0.99Tomato +$0.99Turkey +$0.99Zucchini +$0.99
(Select 1) Cheese:Cheddar Swiss Monterey Jack
(Select 2) Dish Sides:Pancakes Hash Browns Home fries Toast Biscuit Tomatoes Cottage cheese French Toast

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